Hunter Roads

Today’s front page of the Cessnock Advertiser screams: “Will it take a death?” This is the daily concern of Weston residents who fear someone will lose their life at the…

Edgeworth Public School Bus Stop

Mr CLAYTON BARR ( Cessnock ) ( 18:09 ): I pay tribute to the ability of three government departments in my electorate, producing absolutely nothing, for stalling over the past…

Government Policies

Mr CLAYTON BARR ( Cessnock ) ( 18:31 ): Since the announcement of the Sydney stadium rebuilds in November last year, I have been surprised at the level and breadth…

Tribute to David Clark

Mr CLAYTON BARR ( Cessnock ) ( 17:33 ): For communities to grow and flourish we rely on the commitment and dedication of community-minded people. The Cessnock community was rocked…