Raising the BARR- Week ending 30 April 2021



There are many of us that feel like we are still in limbo since we faced this new COVID threat back in February last year.  We feel like we are somewhere between the life we used to know and a future that remains uncertain.

Currently, there are 2 different COVID vaccines being rolled out across Australia – Pfizer and AstraZeneca.  The really complicated vaccine for rollout is Pfizer because it has to be stored at -70 degrees Celsius.  Meanwhile the AstraZeneca can be stored at just +2 to +8 degrees Celsius which is pretty much like a normal fridge.

It is really difficult to imagine us getting back to “normal” without the great majority of our population being vaccinated.  Indeed it is highly likely that many workplaces and public spaces will require people to be vaccinated if they want to “enter”.

Over the past 12 months Australians have been the champions of a successful fight against this virus.  We stayed at home when we were asked to.  We avoided public gatherings.  We only went out for essential purposes.  We kept safe distances from our fellow people as asked.  We wore masks when required.  We figured out ways to work from home.  And we even discovered our inner-teacher from some home schooling.

Our success, right across Australia, has been because we as a collective people found a way to fight against this incredibly dangerous virus with our actions and behaviours, while our scientists figured out the medicine side of things.  Now, our scientists have asked us to take the next step and to get vaccinated.

There are some concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccination for people under the age of 50, especially women.  The scientists will continue to investigate what is happening in this space and why/how it is happening.  Meanwhile they are suggesting some caution about who gets which vaccine.

I can’t wait to line up for my vaccination.  And if in the future I will be asked to get a vaccination “licence” that will prove I have had the jab, I will be signing up for that too.  Like you, I have always, and will always, seek to make my own contribution to the broader good of our society.

I similarly support the “no jab no play” position of the current Government.  The reality of the anti-vaccination movement is unnecessary deaths, including infants and children.  Seatbelts save lives.  Helmets save lives.  Vaccinations save lives.

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Cheers Clayton

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