Raising the BARR – Week ending 20 March 2020

Raising the Barr

Stay Calm, Carry On and Care for Others

COVID-19 is changing our society every hour of every day.  At this stage it is in part due to the virus and in part due to the decisions being made because of the virus.

In these uncertain times I encourage people to rely only on reports from official Government Health departments and those that make references to official Government Health department reports (like a webpage or Facebook of a local MP).

Please avoid the volumes of crazy stuff that is getting spread every minute of the day through online conspiracy theories and/or people trying to pre-empt the next decision or announcement to be made.  In these days of social media, the stuff that is making the craziest and wildest statement gets the most clicks and some people have a vested interest in the number of clicks that they get, not a vested interest in your health or understanding.

Please help to slow down the spread of the virus by minimising your contact with others, taking extra special care to clean your hands and surfaces and by keeping a good 1.5m of social distance in public spaces.

It is not possible to completely stop the spread of the disease.  It is too far gone for that.  Eventually the disease will come through our communities, our families, our schools, work and social groups.  Hopefully this will happen slowly so that our hospitals and health workers can cope with the number of people that need help.  It will be easier for everyone if the spread of the virus is a slow steady trickle instead of a tsunami.

I am hoping that the coming months will allows us to find the very best in ourselves and each other; not the very worst.  Look out for each other, be willing to pass a few rolls of toilet paper over the fence to a neighbours, try to do some shopping for an elderly person that you know, so that they don’t have to expose themselves too much because the risk to the elderly is much more significant.  We are all in this together, so let’s work as a team.