Raising the BARR – Week ending 2 October 2020

Raising the Barr

Daylight Savings Mayhem

As we head into the warmer months and the festive season, there will be some that are looking forward to daylight savings and those that are nervous about the change in times.

For people that often sleep through the early hours of sunrise and the dawning of a new day, they will definitely appreciate the extra hour of sunlight at days end. But knowing that the sun comes up at 6.00 am instead of 5.00 am will be a detail lost to the sleepy dreams.

On the other hand, the early riser peeps will be wondering why it has to stay light so long into the evening. Pretty hard to head off to bed when the sun is still up at 8.00 pm.

And then there are the curtains and the cows. There has been a series of studies that prove that curtains in the window suffer from far more fade and deterioration as a result of daylight saving. Sadly, the poor old curtains just cannot cope with the extra hour of daylight and they fall apart years earlier than they otherwise would.

But please do not forget the dairy cows. Those little machines of milk have a pretty strict timeline of taps on and taps off. The sun rising later than the taps are ready is definitely a problem for our bovine friends.

Whichever side of the daylight savings debate you are on, please keep in mind it is only for 6 months of the year, so in perfect harmony, we have both winners and losers.

The curtains and the cows, they will undoubtedly survive or suffer in equal portions.

Not Sure What the Koala Hubbub Is All About

For those that noticed, there was a Government explosion and implosion about koalas in recent weeks. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would hate the little cuddly koala, but apparently, there are people out there in our society.

Simple fact – if we keep knocking down trees that support koalas, then surely koala numbers decrease. Simple fact – you cannot possibly halve the amount of koala habitat and at the same time double the number of koalas.

Looking after koala habitat is not going to inconvenience existing farms on existing farmland. But protecting koala habitat will prevent developers from buying farmland and clearing the rest of the trees on-site.

What is really crazy in this whole circus of public attention is the fact that some of the most outspoken people for/against the policy are the same people that are “inside the room” for the Cabinet debate and decision making. Toys out of the cot!