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NSW Interpreter Scholarship Program – Applications Open Now

Applications are now open for people who speak new and emerging and in-demand languages to receive scholarships to become qualified practising interpreters. People speaking any of the following languages are…

Community asked about waste management services in Cessnock City

MEDIA RELEASE Waste Management is a part of everyone’s daily life. From purchasing goods that generate waste to disposing of that waste, it impacts everyone, and how we manage waste…

ANZAC Day 2021 Brochure and Service Notice

ANZAC Day 2021 looks set to go ahead this year, albeit in the shadow of the ongoing COVID threat. Personally, my family’s 2020 dawn service, at the end of our…

Cessnock Electorate’s Local Sport Grant Program – Successful Recipients 2020/2021

State Member, Clayton Barr, MP is pleased to announce the successful recipients in the Cessnock Electorate who are to receive funding from the 2020/21 Local Sport Grant Program. The Local…

Search for Those in the Electorate of Cessnock Who Follow in Fred Hollows’ Footsteps

 The Fred Hollows Foundation is calling for nominations for the inaugural Fred Awards, named after the late, great Professor Fred Hollows, who believed in the everyday humanitarianism of Australians.  The…

Councils in the Hunter Region Stand to Lose 39% of Roads Funding under Planned Merger

Labor is warning a secret NSW Government plan to merge two road funding schemes could financially cripple some councils in the Hunter region and lead to job losses. Documents obtained…

Raising the Barr

Raising the BARR- Week ending 4 March 2022

support local
  SMALL BUSINESSES ARE AS ESSENTIAL AS THE AIR WE BREATHE In our earliest civilisations, much of the work of the village would be based on community needs, the common…

Raising the BARR- Week ending 18 February 2022

  WE REALLY MUST TALK ABOUT HOUSING It seems that barely a week goes by when myself, my staff and/or my office is approached by a family that is about…

Raising the BARR- Week ending 24 January 2022

2022 predictions
  CRYSTAL BALL PREDICTIONS FOR 2022 It’s time for the year’s most important column – one that will see the rise of fortunes and the demise of political careers. No…

Raising the BARR- Week ending 10 December 2021

  GOODBYE 2021 – HELLO 2022 Life is far too precious to be willing our time away. Ask most people as they come closer to the end of life and…


Hunter Coal Mining Industry

I speak again on the issue of coal, the environment, climate change and jobs. If members care about the environment they should want the last pieces of thermal coal burned…

Cessnock Electorate Office Staff

I take this opportunity to talk about my electorate staff in general. It is perhaps an early Christmas felicitation but more importantly it is a congratulations to Perri Hodge, who…


The number 2,463 is incredibly important for my community and me. It is the number of workers who are directly employed in the resources sector—in coal and coalmining. That is…

Cessnock Electorate

On behalf of my community, post the Federal budget and prior to the State budget, which is about to be released, I want to talk about what is really needed…