Cessnock Electorate Excellence in Leadership Awards


Today I recognise three great educational leaders in the Cessnock community who recently received Excellence in Leadership Awards. Mr Len Boughton, Principal of Abermain Public School, received an award for outstanding leadership qualities and skills that support and promote the development of staff and students in the community. Mr Ian Scanlon, the recently retired principal of Cessnock High School, received an award for being a longstanding advocate for public education and implementing exciting initiatives with enthusiasm and support for Cessnock High School. Mr Graham White, Principal of Paxton Public School, received an award for demonstrating outstanding leadership skills throughout his public education career. These three gentlemen have given their lives to the education department, and to developing the careers and working to the betterment of young people in the Cessnock region. They have realised outstanding success, with some of their students becoming world leaders in their chosen careers. Congratulations, gentlemen, and well done.