Some RMS Traffic Control Updates

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I have recently approached by local residents requesting the removal of the traffic control signals at the Elderslie Road intersection in Branxton.

I then contacted Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) seeking that the request be investigated. I have now received advice from RMS stating that the traffic control signals were installed as a safety measure and despite the decreased levels of traffic, RMS are not in a position to justify the removal of the lights. The signals have now been adjusted and should provide a better level of service for the local residents.

Similarly, I have approached by local residents asking whether traffic control signs would be installed at the proposed Woolworths Development on George Booth Drive at Cameron Park.

Following contact with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) about this matter, I have been advised by RMS that they understand that a signalised intersection was a requirement of the development approved by Lake Macquarie City Council. The timing of the works is a matter for Lake Macquarie City Council and the Developer.