Save Our Suburbs Community Group


Save Our Suburbs is a fantastic community group that was formed by the communities of West Wallsend, Holmesville and Seahampton. These communities surround the now-approved housing estate development known to all as the Hammersmith development. The communities opposed the development from its inception due to the effect it would have on the infrastructure, flora and fauna of the village as it currently exists, let alone the effect on the Aboriginal Caves located right within the boundaries of the development.

The community turned out in number to community meetings and joint regional planning panel meetings. Each and every person expressed themselves clearly, succinctly and passionately as to why they oppose the development. Their arguments were well thought out, well researched and well supported. I commend each and every person for the level of community spirit they displayed and for their “it’s not over until the fat lady sings” attitude. I commend the Minister for the Environment, who is now here in the House, for recognising the Aboriginal Caves as a place of special significance.