Raising the BARR – Week ending 9th December

Raising the Barr

What Do You Think About a Cashless Future?

There are a number of issues getting media attention at the moment that forces us to think more and more about a future society that no longer uses cash. How would that affect you?

Are you someone that still likes to go into your bank and withdraw cash? Or are you someone who prefers getting your cash from an ATM? Or are you someone who might get a little bit of extra cash out when you buy your groceries? Are you someone that still likes to have a little bit of cash going backwards and forwards in our day to day lives? Or are you already living a cashless life?

There is no doubt that some businesses are already experiencing 80%+ cashless transactions. For many businesses in a position like this it starts to get to the point that the concept of a “float” in a cash register becomes unnecessary work – to balance and bank, etc.

I don’t know when it will happen, but it seems highly likely that we will go cashless at some point in time. I for one will be sad when it happens and it’s definitely going to make Monopoly more difficult to teach the kids.


A Huge Thanks And Best Wishes To Krystal

Many readers of the Cessnock Advertiser will be very familiar with the name Krystal Sellars (nee Adams). For the past 10 years Krystal has been our “everywhere” local journalist working unbelievable hours as she turned up to every event. It didn’t matter if it was early morning, late at night, on weekends or public holidays, Krystal would be there with her camera and notepad recording the news of our people.

A local newspaper is in many ways the historical record of a community. In future years those looking back in time will rely on the work of Krystal and her team to remind us of what happened in Cessnock between 2012 and 2022, just as we relied on the work of Bruce Wilson for the 42 years prior to that (Krystal worked with Bruce in the last 7 of his 42 years).

Farewell Krystal. Best wishes for the next phase of your life and career. And a massive, sincere, heart-felt thank you for all that you have done. Bravo!

I do hope that you all have a wonderful and safe festive season. Enjoy.

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