Raising the BARR – Week ending 27 July 2018

Raising the Barr

We are doing a good job with our next generation

Manners are a cornerstone of our society.  It is a simple way that we can show respect to strangers – to offer respect and expect respect in return.  Without manners, it is hard to be clear on how, who and when respect is being offered.

Typically, when we go to a shop to buy something manners are at the centre of our exchange.  That brings me to my claim that we are doing a good job with our next generation.

In recent weeks I have had the good fortune to serve in the canteen at one of our local sports.  I was brilliantly impressed with the wonderful manners of every single child that came to the window.  As a volunteer in the canteen at that time, the experience was an absolute pleasure, not at all a drain.

Being in the canteen also shows the amazing efforts of the people behind the scenes at our local sports.  These wonderful people aren’t just rostered on once or twice a season; they are there every week, mid-week and weekends, as well as the other countless hours between game days doing the ordering and banking and all other things.

All of this makes the issue of manners so important.  It is a simple way for the children that play the sport to show some respect back to the many volunteers that help it happen.  And I can report that our kids have manners and respect by the bucket-load.  Bravo!

Our road networks require blue sky thinking

So much of the conversation about our roads is re-active.  There is a problem at spot X, so let’s fix it.  By and large these are the important issues to most people and the hope is that some quick reaction is possible by whoever is responsible for the road.

But sometimes we need to take a much longer look into the future and shift our thinking from fixing todays’ pothole to a bigger picture view of how do we shift traffic to make life better for everyone.

I recently had the good fortune to receive a briefing from Cessnock Council about their big vision for our road network future.  It is really terrific stuff.  I would encourage everyone to take a look at the big picture, 20+ year traffic and transport plan, developed by Council.