Raising the BARR – Week ending 20 September 2019

Raising the Barr

A Massive Thanks to all of our Winter Sport Volunteers

I have had the good fortune to watch a range of sport finals and attend a range of sporting presentation events as the winter season for 2019 comes to a close. It is just fantastic to see so many people actively involved in our various sporting communities.

But in particular I have seen some very tired and weary looking committee members, coaches and managers, canteen volunteers and other parents and grand-parents and supporters that have been giving their energy every single week. This is not new and hopefully it will never become old, because through sport and other activities we build our communities.

I want to offer a massive thanks and congratulations to all that have volunteered to make the 2019 season what it was. Our communities have had tens of thousands of sport participants this year, making all involved physically and mentally more healthy. And while I would like to wish most of you a nice summer rest I also know that many of you will stick your hand up and volunteer for summer sports too. So in anticipation, my sincere thanks in advance.

Dodgy Politics is a Pox on all of our Houses

The latest stories about Members of Parliament and political parties having vested interests in property or taking donations that they shouldn’t is a huge blow to our democracy. I really do feel for the voters out there that must think, if they read and watch the news, that all politicians must be dodgy and corrupt.

In my experience, the great majority of people in and around politics treat it as a noble occupation; one where dignity and honesty and open debate can bring about really important changes to the lives of others. In my experience, the great majority of people in and around politics see their role as one of service, not gain.

Politicians aren’t perfect. And the conduct of others in or around our workplace is not perfect either, but then again I am sure that most of you can name a person or two in your place of work that is a bit questionable too.