Raising the BARR- Week ending 17 September 2021

Raising the Barr



I have spent many weeks now, using data and statistics, to convince all and sundry that the vaccinations rates in our local area, the traditional old “coalfields”, are dangerously low. While the NSW Premier was crowing about 70% and 80% vaccination rates in some Sydney suburbs, particularly the “blue ribbon” suburbs, locally we had a double jab rate of less than 30% and a single jab rate around 50%.

The Federal Government track vaccinations in a number of ways. One is called Statistical Area’s level 3. On the SA3 measure, 4 weeks ago we were 3rd lowest in the State of NSW and then 3 weeks ago we fell to last and we have stayed at the bottom since. This information is all available on the Department of Health and Ageing website.

Finally, on the good news front, it looks like my long campaign of using logic and data is paying off. Having written to the Prime Minister and Federal Health Minister, as well as the NSW Premier and State Health Minister, we are now seeing a push of Pfizer vaccinations into our area. Well done to those that have finally paid attention.

In addition to increased supplies of Pfizer, there is finally a proposal for a walk in vaccination hub in our community. I am still working on the details with HNEH and will let you all know more as soon as I know more.

But wait! That’s not all! In addition to the increase in Pfizer supply and in addition to the proposed walk in vaccination hub, we will also see the 3rd approved COVID vaccination, Moderna, in our local Pharmacies in the coming days. Moderna is very similar to Pfizer and most suited to that same group of our community that have been holding out for the Pfizer.

While it has been both my pleasure and obvious responsibility to go into bat for our community, I wish that it hadn’t been necessary. The logic and statistics that I have used are available to everyone. It is both frustrating and strange to me that those in power have not been working on two separate things at the one time – hotspots AND low vaccination communities. It feels to me as they have been in crisis management of the hotspots only.

So, we will finally have the opportunity to eat into our vaccination rates and push them up, up and up. Vaccinations are the way forward and the way that we will be able to return to something of a “normal” life, living with COVID. Vaccinations will also save thousands of lives in our very own community – our loved ones.



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