Raising the BARR – Week ending 05 August 2022

Raising the Barr


In recent weeks there has been plenty written about many things in NSW politics. From US Trade Jobs, to the way Ministers treat their staff, it has included talk of political interference in decisions of our public servants and has of course covered the issue of an MP possibly having land rezoned to help benefit his own wealth.

These are all issues that undermine the confidence of the general population in the politicians that are supposed to represent them.

I think that this is a real shame, because most politicians, while not perfect, are generally having a really hard go at doing their best and the best for the community. While I can understand people being yet again frustrated by the many reports of politicians behaving badly, I do hope that you can accept that most politicians really do care and work hard for you.


After a 2 year gap, due to COVID, I have resumed my community Barr-B-Q’s (spelling error is intentional). I really do enjoy getting out to the many villages and smaller towns that make up the Cessnock Electorate. If you have the chance please drop by for a free sausage and chat – it is all open conversation so don’t expect private and confidential. Sometimes the best solutions to the thing that worries you can be found from a nearby neighbour.


I simply cannot write this column without a comment on the Newcastle Knights and David Klemmer. It is my opinion that Klemmer has been one of the Knights best, all year. As I watch the Knights this season, and it is pretty hard some weeks, I am inspired by Klemmers determination and energy. He really seems to give it a crack, every week! Sometimes I wish the Knights had 13 David Klemmers.

As with all sports, being a fan can be hard some days and weeks, especially when your team isn’t doing well. This past week, the Knights have picked a strange fight with one player that tries his guts out. Oh dear!

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Cheers Clayton