Raising the BARR – Week ending 5 May 2017

Raising the Barr

Unregistered Motorbikes – You CAN Help

No doubt you have all seen unregistered motorbikes out on the streets.  They generally fall into 2 distinct categories; on their way to/from some bush riding, or, complete disregard for our laws and up to no good.  I must admit, the first category, those going bush, are rarely complained about.  They tend to go one way, toward the bush, in the morning, and they come back some time much later in the afternoon.  They generally have all of their safety gear on, they have helmets, and they are participating in a hobby that is, and has been for many decades, common in our community.

And then there is the other group – the unregistered, uninsured and probably unlicensed group.  Generally, these types are riding without helmets, without any safety gear and are often up to no good.  The motorbikes are used to run drugs, ignore the rules of our land and to assist in all types of other criminal activity.  If you have one of these based somewhere near you, then you will see and hear them 5, 6 or 20 times per day.  They are as annoying as a mosquito or a blowfly and they are clearly breaking the laws that you and I obey.

You can help Police by reporting this law breaking lot.  They often live next door, up the road or you see them coming and going from a certain house.  You can and should report these people to either Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or go online to report them.  Any description that you can offer helps.  Sometimes you will know the name of the person, you might be able to describe the motorbike or times of day or hair colour or clothes that they were wearing.  This all helps.  Gradually, over time, the Police are able to build a file on the person/motorbike in question.  This eventually leads to an arrest and in some cases, the motorbike is taken by Police.

It is one thing for us all to be upset and frustrated by the crime in our community, but will you be a person that simply complains or will you be a person that helps and assists our Police?