Raising the BARR – Week ending 27 January 2017

Raising the Barr

Crystal Ball Predictions – Follow up

For those that read my Crystal Ball predictions in this paper 2 weeks ago, and if you have read my crystal ball predictions over previous years, the resignation of Mike Baird as Premier would have come as no surprise.  I predicted it.  I had a premonition.  I foresaw it.  Of course my track record speaks for itself given that I had also previously tipped the demise of Barry O’Farrell and Tony Abbott.  I am led to believe that Malcolm Turnbull and Donald Trump are incredibly nervous, given that I also predicted that both of their leaderships would come to end before the end of the year.  No doubt Trump will soon have my phone tapped, my movements under surveillance and he will no doubt label my claim, that Mike Baird has resigned, as a lie.

Premier Gladys – What Will That Mean For Us?

For those that know me and have spoken to me during Mike Baird’s time as Premier you will recall that I have always said he was a good bloke, a good human being.  But I have also argued that his policies were at odds with the needs of most people in NSW and in some instances, actually quite cruel.  I also argued that Mike’s desperate sell-off of everything that the State owns was short sighted.

I can assure you that Premier Berejiklian, whom I am sure will become known as Premier Gladys because of her tongue twisting surname, is also a very nice person.  Her background story is a terrific one, that her family and Australians should be proud of.  But, she has been a very important person at the table for every single decision that the Government has made.  She has been a supporter of the State wide sell-off; the deconstruction of TAFE; the privatisation of Hospitals; the cruel demonization of people on workers compensation; raising the GST to 15%; and many more.  So the name of the Premier has changed, but essentially the Policies will live on and continue to make the lives of most in NSW worse.

So who is doing better in NSW?  Well no doubt the Insurance companies are rubbing their hands together with multi-million dollar glee.  Property developers are dancing in the streets.  The mega-large construction companies are unable to keep count of the many many zero’s that are at the end of each of their taxpayer funded cheques.  The consultants that the Government reaches out to, to justify every decision they make, are bathing in champagne.  The private health providers and private vocational education providers cannot believe their luck.