Raising the BARR – Week ending 24 March 2017

Raising the Barr

The Government is About To Sell Your Private Details

It feels like almost every day, every time that I fill out a form, that I have to give away so many of my personal details. Having said that, I can’t remember any time when I have had to give out more details and personal information then when I took out a home loan. It felt like there couldn’t be a single other thing that could be asked, or known, about my entire life. And you know what, at the time, I really didn’t mind that much. It seemed like a small sacrifice for what I considered the ultimate prize – a Title of home ownership.

So for the past 20 years my personal information has been held by my bank and by the Land Registry of NSW. It is difficult to know exactly who holds what, but the personal information is out there and it is attached to my Title and my mortgage. I guess that I have had a trust, or a faith, that the Public Servants that had access to my details really didn’t have any interest or need to use my information.

The decision by the Government to privatise, sell-off, outsource the Land Registry completely dismantles the privacy of my details. In the coming weeks, the Government will sign over all of this, to a new private owner, who just quietly, is based in the Cayman Islands and pays almost zero tax to our country or state.

My private details are going to be in the hands of a private company. That private company has a vested interest in going through my details, “farming” my information for any little chestnut that can help them make a dollar. Or maybe they will just sell my information to a 3rd or 4th or 5th company so that they can make money out of me.

Now the Government have said that this won’t happen. But that is a load of bollocks! Think for a second about the Russian interference in the US Presidential elections. I can tell you with absolute certainty, written in Legislation and Contract, that the Government has no capacity, no way, no means to prevent the new owner of the Land Registry from doing the information “farming”, nor does the NSW Government have any means or rights to investigate whether or not the new owner has “farmed” the information. I guess we will just have to “trust” the new owner to do the right thing.