Raising the BARR- Week ending 23 July 2021

Raising the Barr



Up to 73% of all of the anti-COVID and anti-vaccination information is being spread by just 12 individuals, most of whom (possibly all) live in America. These 12 individuals are often referred to as “grifters” who are selling their own remedies or solutions. Many years ago, they might have been your classic ‘snake oil salesmen’, although not all are men.

The “disinformation dozen” are people that generally have no qualifications or skills in the medical field. Almost all of them are offering their own natural health remedies, or vitamins and supplements, or books on self-help, to go along with their anti-science stance.

By comparison, there are tens of millions of medical professionals, researchers, scientists and others, right across the entire globe, with a single united voice on the reality of the COVID crisis and the importance of vaccination, for those healthy enough to have it, in keeping people alive and allowing societies to get back to some sort of “normal” without a mass death episode.

Putting aside the science, the actual images of countries that are piling up the dead bodies is just staggering. In the U.S. we saw images of trenches, hundreds of metres long, being dug out to be filled with COVID bodies. In Spain we saw dead COVID bodies lying at the front door of houses and apartment blocks, waiting to be collected, while that country and those enormous cities were in complete lockdown. In Germany, Malaysia and Italy we saw refrigerated shipping containers being filled with COVID bodies until the funeral industry and coffin makers and cemeteries could catch up on the numbers.


The “disinformation dozen” would have you believe that these images are normal and that the science is faulty. Let me ask you this: if you had a broken leg, a severe cut to your finger, a heart attack or cancer, do you go with the medical science and mainstream health treatment, or do you go with the snake oil solution of grifters?



My office is regularly taking calls from concerned locals about the “tourists” that are renting a nearby house, in a motel or dining in a local restaurant. Given that around 80% of our tourist industry comes from Sydney, normally the tourists that you see might well be from our state’s capital city.

At the moment, we should not be getting any tourists from Sydney, the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Shellharbour or Wollongong. But there may well be some people, from the Greater Sydney region that arrived before COVID lockdown and decided to stay here longer and “ride-out” the COVID crisis in our beautiful and safe community.

And then of course there are the tourists that could come in from other parts of the state. If they are coming in from Dubbo or Armidale or Broken Hill or Byron Bay or other parts then there is nothing to stop them and they are welcome to spend their hard earned dollars here and keep our local businesses plugging along.

If you have any concerns about a visitor to our area, please do call Crime Stoppers to report it. The NSW Police are the only ones that could investigate a possible breach of the lockdown orders. Crime Stoppers can be contacted by phone on 1800 333 000 and you can make your call anonymously or online at https://nsw.crimestoppers.com.au/

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