Raising the BARR- Week ending 20 August 2021

Raising the Barr



The incredible work being done right across our Health agencies really needs to be recognised and applauded. The many hours of work, the incredible stress load and the willingness to go above and beyond has been a key to the safety of our communities.

Literally, our health workers, whether they prepare food, drive trucks, clean, distribute products, apply bandages, give us medication or deliver our COVID testing, have all been working around the clock.

There is no doubt that thousands of lives have been saved and serious illness has been prevented as a consequence of this wonderful work.

There are many people in our community doing incredible things right now. So many people feeling the pinch, working harder and longer, facing enormous stress. Congratulations to all who are finding a way to survive and thrive.



Leading in to this Olympic festival in Tokyo, there were many that were wondering about the importance of a sporting event in the face of a global pandemic. And there were obvious concerns about how the show could possibly go on without many thousands of athletes, officials and volunteers becoming infected.

Japanese officials in Tokyo have been doing an incredible job. So too the athletes and all others around the Games. Somehow, they seem to have found a way to make it happen.

At home, with the TV on, it has been great for the human spirit to see athletes pushing themselves forward, to realise incredible results and to show such enormous pride in their opportunity to represent their country. I for one have been loving every minute of it and cannot wait to see things progress during the current Paralympics.


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