Raising the BARR- Week ending 14 May 2021

Raising the Barr



If only I had a dollar for every person that complained to me about politicians, their direction and their honesty.  I agree with most; there is plenty to be upset about and that is why I have been determined to always be 100% open and honest with our community (even if you don’t like what I have to say).

So here is the thing; at the very local level, your potential candidates, or existing candidates, are chosen by and/or answer to the local branch members of that political party.

I would 100% encourage anyone with a small or large opinion about politics to join a local political party and start having your say at the monthly meetings.

In the next 2 years we are going to have Local Council, Federal Government and State Government elections.  Sign up and help your team!  If you need any help making contact with your team, and I don’t care how you vote, please contact my office.



If there is a piece of State Government land that you have thought you would like to own for your own personal use or financial advantage then you would be very happy with the recent open invitation to offer a price for anything and everything.

The NSW Government has decided that everything we own is now for sale.

It might be the park down the road, or a cemetery, or a golf course on Crown Land, or the local boat ramp, or a stock route.  The options are endless.  You just need to find the site and put in a bid.

The Government are even happy to sell off buildings and sites that they still use.  They are happy to shift from being a property owner to a property renter.

It will come as no surprise that I find this all pretty disgusting and incredibly short sighted.

Massive amounts of land will be quickly snapped up by multi-billion dollar land development companies.  Soon blocks of units will stand where you once enjoyed a picnic or kicked a football.  Places that were historically accessible to build communities will soon be fenced off.

Welcome to 2021 in NSW where everything is for sale.


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For enquiries regarding the State Government or its departments, or to put you in contact with someone who can help, please contact my office.  My office can be contacted by phoning 4991-1466, by email to cessnock@parliament.nsw.gov.au or call into 118 Vincent Street (PO Box 242), Cessnock 2325.

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Cheers Clayton

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