Raising the BARR – Week ending 13 January 2017

Raising the Barr

Crystal Ball Predictions for 2017

As always, I try to dedicate my last column of the year, in part, to some whacky tongue in cheek predictions for the year ahead. I missed the last column deadline late last year, so I am making up for it in this first column of the new year. The idea is inspired by so-called psychics who claim to have an ability to see into the future and who often make vague, broad, easy to foresee predictions. A classic example is predicting a Hollywood star, or rock star, will die from a drug over-dose. It’s a bit silly really.

Last year’s notable predictions – 14 Gold medals at the Olympics (we got 8); Olympic gold medal in Rugby (think Women’s); 50 Gold medals at Paralympics (we got 22); Olympic turmoil about drug use (think Russian team); Federal Australian Politician caught controversially claiming work expenses (various examples); famous actor/rockstar death from drugs (Prince); a Kardashian Marriage break up (Kim & Kanye); China announce mission to moon (announced in April 2016 for a 2036 date): reclassification of Pluto as a planet (well , I was wrong but they did find a possible 9th planet so my vibe was close). Not bad right?

So, what will 2017 bring? I predict that the Trump situation in America will come to a crashing end. So too the period of rule for Mike Baird and Malcolm Turnbull. I predict the Knights to lift themselves into the top 15 teams this year. I predict a new road toll (fee$) being announced for the M1 (aka F3) and Hunter Expressway. I predict the NSW Government making an announcement to actually have something made in NSW. I predict the sale of the harbour bridge and opera house. I predict federal Government recognition of gay marriage. And I predict a universal apology from climate change deniers as they admit that their refusal to accept the science was all a joke, a gee-up.