Raising the BARR- Week ending 12 November 2021

Raising the Barr



For the HSC class of 2021, the past 2 years have been unforgettable but highly worthy of forgetfulness. Remember that COVID hit our shores in early 2020, just as these same students were entering their senior studies at high school.

Since COVID became a thing early in 2020, schools have been constantly in and out of lockdown. Those senior school years, where you start to get treated like an adult by teachers and family, where some life-long friendships are made, normally rely on you and your studies being of most importance in your school community.

These past 2 years have been significantly different. Definitely not normal. Schools have been struggling with an almost daily flip-flop of what is happening today. Some days school was in; other days school was out. Generally teachers were waking up to the morning news to find out if there work was face-to-face or online for that day. And while the entire school establishment was simply struggling to survive, the normal focus on the senior students and their journey into adulthood was somewhat lost, or at the very least it was extremely unusual for most.

So how might we consider making 2022 a bit fairer for this year’s HSC students? Here is a personal thought – (1) for those that want to depart their education, for now, and head straight into the workforce, good luck to them. They have the world at their feet and hopefully they have found a great job; (2) for students that want to continue with their studies/education in 2022 let’s make sure that they get a crack at whatever it is that they want to do, for first 6 months of 2022, free of charge – be it TAFE or University. And if after 6 months they want to continue on, or swap out, then that’s fine, there will be no bill, fee or charge, until after that 6 month mark.



You have your chance to vote for your local Council in the coming weeks. Don’t miss out! And even if you aren’t too keen, please don’t make the mistake of not voting and copping a $55 fine – that money’s better in your pocket than in the pocket of Premier Perrottet.


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