Premier Fails to Properly Appoint a Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter for Almost Two Years

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NSW Labor has demanded the Premier explain why it took almost two years to properly appoint a Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter.

Gladys Berejiklian has finally appointed Liberal MP Taylor Martin to the role, filling a post left vacant since 2019.

Catherine Cusack was previously announced as the Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter, however, it’s now emerged the Premier failed to complete her paperwork and Ms Cusack was never formally appointed.

The Shadow Minister for the Hunter Clayton Barr said it shows a complete disregard for the Hunter region.

“It’s obvious Gladys Berejiklian really doesn’t care about the Hunter or its people. Not only did the Premier forget the Hunter, she also forgot about poor old Michael Johnsen.

“It is clear that the Premier does not consider the only Coalition MP in the area, Michael Johnsen MP capable enough to represent his own community in this role.

“Labor is committed to having a Minister for the Hunter, not just a Parliamentary Secretary, which means that under Labor, the Hunter would have a seat at the Cabinet table,” Mr Barr said.