NSW Interpreter Scholarship Program – Applications Open Now

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Applications are now open for people who speak new and emerging and in-demand languages to receive scholarships to become qualified practising interpreters.

People speaking any of the following languages are encouraged to apply:

Acholi, Bari, Chin (Tedim), Chinese (Hakka), Dinka, Ewe, Fijian, Fullah, Hakka (Timorese), Hmong, Karen, Kayah, Khmer, Kirundi, Krio, Malayalam, Mongolian, Mun (Chin), Nuer, Oromo, Samoan, Somali, Tetum, Tibetan, Tigrinya and Tongan.

Recipients will benefit from subsidised training at TAFE NSW and the University of NSW and course graduates will be eligible to become Recognised Practicing Interpreters with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

Expressions of interest are open until 9 June 2021.

Visit the website for more information.