Link or Sink Group


I pay tribute to the Link or Sink Group, which has been the driving force behind the Hunter Expressway. The $1.7 billion project is due to open this weekend. The Hunter Expressway concept has been floating around for more than 20 years. A non-political group known as the Link or Sink Group was formed and members spent many hours in small meeting rooms making things happen, but they had a sinking feeling time after time. They travelled repeatedly to Sydney and Canberra to bang on the doors of politicians on all sides to ensure that the Hunter Expressway stayed on the drawing board. It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the people who were part of the Link or Sink Group that was instrumental in pushing for funding to get the Hunter Expressway up and running. The group’s membership has changed over time so I apologise in advance if I miss anyone. The main drivers included Fred Brown, Nadine Hickey, Frances Wilson, Toby Thomas, Glen Adams, John Grant, Allan Daley, John Mooy, Alan Gray, Brian Witherspoon, Peter Spinks, Rod de Silva, Bruce Wilson, Janette Jackson and Owen Partridge.