Labor’s Clayton Barr Urges Community to Make Submissions to Disability Review to Guarantee People With Disability Have a Voice

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Under the Berejiklian/Barilaro Government funding for disability advocacy organisations will be cut in 2020.  State Member for the Electorate of Cessnock, Clayton Barr, MP is encouraging the community to make a submission to the NSW Disability Advocacy Review.

The review is a result of demands made by disability organisations, supported by Labor, for funding to continue for disability organisations across NSW after 2020.

Submissions can be made online by both individuals and organisations to until Friday 18 October 2019.

It is estimated that 1.4 million people in NSW live with disability and the demand for support has increased by between 50% and 100% since 2016.

The discussion paper states that “the review provides an opportunity to look at how advocacy funding and services are delivered and to make recommendations for any future NSW advocacy funding arrangements”.

There is no current commitment for funding from the Berejiklian/ Barilaro Government after June 2020.

Labor has committed to continuing support for disability organisations.

“I encourage anyone who wants to ensure that people with disability are able to fully participate in our community and have a say about the decisions that impact on their lives, to make a submission to this review.” Clayton Barr, MP said.

“Disability advocacy organisations give a voice to people with a disability. These important services are under threat.”

“The State Government cannot wash its hand of these important services, the review will show how important these services are and why they need ongoing funding to do their important work.”