Digital Dilemma for Seniors and Multicultural Groups

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State Member for Cessnock, Clayton Barr and the Labor Party, is calling on the Berejiklian Government to consider the needs of seniors and non-English speaking people who are missing out on access to government services.

Labor Shadow Minister for Better Public Services, Sophie Cotsis said she had met many older Australians from multicultural backgrounds, as well as seniors, who had no access to online services and were missing out on rebates and other essential information and support. She gave the example of the National-Liberal Government pocketing about $29 million of unclaimed taxpayer green slip rebates after spending $1.96 million advertising the refunds.

“If you are not up to speed with modern technology or don’t have access to online services like many people across the Cessnock Electorate you miss out on essential information and support under the National-Liberal Government” said Mr Barr.

“Many of our senior citizens and low income residents who do not have access to computers and online content face real challenges in communicating and accessing many services.” Mr Barr said.

“The expectation that you can just ‘go digital’ severely deprives and restricts multiple groups across the Cessnock electorate including low income earners, residents from non-English speaking backgrounds and our senior citizens” said Mr Barr

Labor Shadow Minister for Seniors, Jo Haylen said there were serious systemic issues, particularly for pensioners.

“Pensioners from multicultural backgrounds are some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Across NSW many are unaware of their entitlements, whether it is subsidies and rebates or other public services” she said.