Anzac Day 2020 Brochure and Service Notice

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We have an unusual, but not unprecedented, Anzac Day ahead of us this year, with no services to take place because of COVID-19. The last time that Anzac Day services was cancelled were during World War II.

Given the situation that we are in this year, with an international pandemic spreading through us, my Anzac Day message this year is quite simple – look after each other, like our diggers did.

As we fast forward to 2020 and this current strain of Coronavirus that has sent panic through the community, I wonder what those that have served our country would make of the selfishness of our shopping habits today.

I am certain that we can all do better in facing this global health challenge. I am certain that we can be fair and reasonable with our neighbours, friends and strangers. I am certain that our shelves can provide the food and materials that we all need to go about our lives, without any need for panic buying.

For the sake of those who fought for our freedoms, I suggest that in 2020 let’s celebrate Anzac Day by looking after each other in the face of this health pandemic.

Click here to download our ANZAC Day Commemorative Brochure which includes: Mighty Paxton Man, Field of Honour/Lost Diggers, West Wallsend Clerk to Soldier, Top Wollombi Marksman, Brothers in Battle, Women of World War II, Laguna Air Plane Crash, Cessnock High Flyer, Pelaw Main Sportsman, Cessnock Miner to War Hero.

ANZAC Day 2020 — Services and Ceremonies – All services for 2020 have been cancelled