Abermain-Weston Hawks receive $90,000 for lighting upgrade at Howe Park, Abermain

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The Abermain-Weston Hawks Rugby League Football Club has received a $90,000 grant towards lighting upgrades at Howe Park, Abermain thanks to the NSW Government as part of the $37.2 million Local Small Commitments Allocation Program (LSCA).

The Local Small Commitments Allocation Program provides grants for a wide range of projects which will enhance local communities and provide benefits to people across each of the 93 Electorates in NSW. It consists of over 600 small community projects, ranging from capital works, services and programs, events, supplies and equipment, charitable donations, and playground and park upgrades.

The funds delivered as part of the Local Small Commitments Allocation program will be used to deliver a lighting upgrade at the Howe Park sporting field in Abermain including energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED fixtures.

The change in lighting will greatly improve player safety at the ground. It also opens the opportunity for the club to host night fixtures at the venue.

The NSW Government has committed funds to the program which will help small local projects and programs that strengthen communities and provide improvements at a local level, making NSW an even better place to live.

Member for Cessnock, Mr Clayton Barr said:

“I am pleased to announce the lighting upgrade for Howe Park, the home ground of the Abermain-Weston Hawks.”

“This lighting upgrade will allow for the Abermain-Weston Hawks to train and play night fixtures if needed.”

“I am always excited when funding is made available for projects big and small across the Electorate of Cessnock.”

President Abermain-Weston Hawks Rugby League Football Club, Mr Ryan Hall said:

“This is something the club has working towards for 8 years. The previous committee started asking for improvements/grants for lights 8 years ago and continued to put in for grant funding until we were successful. Thanks to Clayton we got it across the line.”

“For a small club like the Hawks this type of grant means everything.”

“This is huge as far as safety which is the number one benefit, the current lighting is not safe of a night-time for training. Player safety is going to increase and the lights will bring further benefits including potential revenue from night games, lower electricity bills and more.”