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Local Councils, volunteer and community organisations are encouraged to apply for grants to fund planned activities during 2015 NSW Seniors Week, Clayton Barr, MP, State Member for the Electorate of Cessnock said today.

The 2015 NSW Seniors Week will be held from Saturday 14 – Sunday 22 March 2015.

“Older people in our community have a wealth of wisdom, skills and knowledge. They deserve to have their contribution recognised during Seniors Week,” Mr Barr said.

“The program provides funding for local Councils, volunteer and community organisations to create activities to be held during NSW Seniors Week.

“Each year, during Seniors Week events are held across NSW to celebrate the contribution seniors make to our community. In previous years, events held included morning teas, discussion forums, film screenings and fitness and recreation classes – there is something for everyone.

“I would encourage local Councils, volunteer and community organisations to apply for funding.”

This year, there has been a change and there are now two levels of funding available. The questions for each level are slightly different.

The first tier of funding is grants of under $1,000. This application process is very similar to previous years and is designed for community groups to deliver local events.

Grants are now available of between $1,000 and $5,000. However to be successful for this increased funding, projects will have to demonstrate wider reach among the audience, close alignment with campaign objectives, and have a strong budget and promotional plan. This funding is more appropriate for local government and larger community organisations.

If you’ve applied for a NSW Seniors Week Grant in the past, you’ll also notice that for 2015, the application process has changed. NSW Seniors Week grants are now administered using SmartyGrants software, through a custom Family and Community Services grants portal. This is a secure and streamlined process for applicants and it means grant applications can be saved and revisited at any time.

While applications for the Program are currently open, they close at 5pm on Friday 19 September 2014. Applications must be submitted online at www.nswseniorsweek.com.au 

If you have questions about grants and NSW Seniors Week contact the NSW Seniors Week team at seniorsweekgrants@facs.nsw.gov.au